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You may be wondering why we call ourselves The Indigo Family, and it is a great question! To first understand what makes us an indigo family, we must explain what an indigo person is.

An indigo person is someone that is born into this world destined to create change. They are empathetic beings and are creative individuals that love to express themselves. Indigo people are freethinkers and can see the truth. These individuals are also intuitive and inquisitive.

Indigo people have a strong sense of purpose and strive to help change the world for the better. This is why we created The Indigo Family LLC. We want to bring you quality products that are sustainably made. We hope that by bringing you products that you can reuse or recycle we can reduce the waste that is filling our landfills. We want to do our part to make the world a little better for our family, and that includes your family too.

So feel free to browse our products as we add them and subscribe to our mailing list for future promotions and coupon codes. We would love for you to join our indigo family and help us create a better world through the use of our sustainably made products.

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