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About Us

Inspired to Live Well

Our Story

We've been friends for almost our entire lives. We met in the sixth grade, bonding over a love of art and music. In 2018, after birthing and raising the first children, we noticed that there wasn't a store in our area that offered sustainable products for families. Why? We wanted to not only reduce our carbon footprint, but to also have access to quality brands and eco-friendly products to help raise our families. We knew we weren’t the only ones who felt this way. For years, we talked about what we would provide for our customers, how important it would be that the products were healthy, sustainably-made, and for the whole family. But what would we call it? And just like that, Indigo Family was born.

It was so evident that there was a huge need for a one-stop-shop for eco-conscious families in our community. It’s hard to have a lot of options when you don’t live in or near a thriving metropolis and we sought to fix that. We know there are people just like us and parents just like you striving to find products that are safe, effective, and consciously-made. 


Indigo Family. Real brands by real artisans for real families. 

-Steph & V
Co-founders of The Indigo Family

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Meet The Founders


Indigo Family Ideals



This is a priority for our products and our business model. We listen to and support our community and families.

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Our commitment to our products and artisans is the same: only quality goods for our families.

Magic Hand


All people are represented in our store. Regardless of race, background, religion or income, you are part of Indigo Family.

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Inclusion isn’t enough, we strive for representation. We want alt-moms, single gay dads, people of color, and everyone in between. 

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